I will have a discussion with you before the shoot to gain a better understanding of your pet, find out what you would like to achieve and talk through ideas and options.  At all times, the welfare of your animal will be paramount and if you or I feel they are uncomfortable or unhappy, I will try a different approach or halt the session if required.

Please ensure you or another adult well-known to your pet is present and responsible for the care of the animal at all times during the session.  Please don’t hesitate to raise any issues or concerns about how your pet will be respond so we can consider options in advance.

Sessions in the Pop Up Pet Portrait Studio will involve a similar but brief conversation when you book a place.  Because there will be limited time for developing a rapport with your pet, we would suggest this option is only suitable for animals who are content to sit fairly still for about 10 or 15 minutes (with short breaks, encouragement, cuddles and treats as required.)