Hope you like these pictures from Rue’s photo session on Sunday, 28th October

To view proofs from your session, click/select the first image to enlarge it.  Then you can click or swipe left and right to browse all the photos.  Please use the form at the bottom to let us know which picture you would like refined, edited and emailed to you as part of the session offer.

Feel free to share the small proofs from your gallery social media, but please do not alter or remove the watermark.  We’d love it if you’d tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, too!  Please see this notice for further information on using the pictures, and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Your choice of images and ordering additional prints

Please complete the form below, including the image number of the picture you would like as an 11″ x 14″ print, or the two pictures you would like as A4 size prints.  The image number is the last 4 digits after “Watermarked – Rue”  This can be found either by hovering the mouse over the image (on a desktop or laptop) and also appears near the photo when the proof is enlarged.

If you would like to order other items, put the number(s) of the image you want in the box after the size of print you want.  If you would like more than one image of the same size, separate the image numbers by commas (e.g. 0450, 0605).  If you would like more than one copy in the same size of an image, but this in brackets after the image number (e.g.  0123 [2 copies], 0333 [3 copies]).

We’ll send an invoice for any additional items for you to check and pay by Paypal or Bank Transfer.   Your order should reach you within a week of payment.

Please get in touch if you would like to order by phone, discuss your order or request any items not on the form.  Many thanks.