We hope you like these pictures of Pumpkin, Luna and Fuzzy.  Click on each to enlarge them and view as a slide show.


  • Please complete the form below, including your choice of image for the 5 x 7 canvas picture.
  • Also select 3 pictures for the 8 x 12 collage (please state if you would prefer for previously taken photos of Luna and Fuzzy be included in the collage.)
  • Find the image number either by hovering the mouse pointer over the picture or by clicking it to enlarge the image.  The number appears at bottom left of the screen.
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  • If you would like more than one image in the same size or of the same product, please separate the image numbers by commas [e.g. 15-22, 5-30,  etc.]  If you would like more than one copy of each, include this in brackets after the image number [e.g.  21-34 (3 copies), 14-55 (1 copy), etc.]

If you order additional items, we will email an itemised invoice for you to confirm and pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Watermarks will not appear on the finished prints. Please see this notice for information about copyright.

All the above images will be emailed to you separately (with small watermarks) for your personal, non-commercial use.  Further information on how they can be used is available here.

If you would like to order other sizes of prints, a collage of 2 or more images in one print or other products (please see the list here), please explain in the comment box and we will contact you to discuss this.  Alternatively, please contact us directly with your enquiry.  Thanks!