Bandanas will be made to order from the fabric of your choice.  All are cotton polyester blend, zigzag stitched for strength and machine washable.  We recommend drying flat and using a warm iron.

The bandanas have a casing at the top for threading the collar through (rather than tying around the neck. )  The casing should be large enough to fit your pet’s collar.  If they have an extra wide collar (e.g. whippet) please explain in the box at the bottom.  It also helps if you can give the neck measurement and breed/type of dog for each bandana ordered and we can adjust the size accordingly.

X Small (chihuahua, maltese, cats), Small (mini schnauzer, mini poodle) & Medium sizes (cocker, corgi) are £4 each.

Large (golden retriever, border collie), X Large (GSD, dalmatian) and XX Large (great dane, mastiff) are £5 each.  All proceeds to Many Tears.

Postage for up to 3 bandanas is £0.75 and you can order up to 3 bandanas on one form.  If you’d like more, just complete further forms.  We’ll email back with the total cost so you can pay via Paypal.  Thanks!