License and Usage:

Creative Commons License 4.0, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives

(CC BY-ND-ND 4.0)

Copyright for photographic images remains with the photographer (Kim Smith, Barking Cat Pet Photography) in line with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.  However, Barking Cat may “license” (i.e. give permission) for others to use images for certain purposes.

Small, watermarked images may be used for non-commercial purposes under Creative Commons License 4.0 Attribution – Non Commercial – No DerivativesThis includes use on social media, website, blog and/or email or to make small prints no larger than about 5″ x 7″ size. There is no time limit on this license.

The images cannot be altered in any way, including cropping or removing the copyright watermark.  Wherever images appear electronically, they should be credited to Barking Cat Pet Photography with a web link to on the same page, ideally near the image. Alternatively, the link can be to the relevant Barking Cat social media account (see links below).   If used on a social media channel (e.g. Instagram) that crops images so the copyright watermark is removed, a citation for Barking Cat Pet Photography should be included near the image.

Small, watermarked images may only be used for commercial purposes with specific written permission of Barking Cat Pet Photography / Kim Smith.

Please contact Kim Smith on 078 4391 4228, with any queries regarding the license or usage.

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Legal steps will be taken against anyone found breaching terms of copyright or this license.