Hope you like these pictures of the visit from Santa Paws to Dogs Trust West Calder on Sunday, 3rd December 2017.

Please scroll down to find yours and click/select to enlarge.  To thank you for your support for Dogs Trust West Calder, please select one of your pictures to be made into a snowing animation GIF (example on the right) and one you would like as a still digital image.   Both are ideal for sharing on social media, blogs or via email.  We’ll prepare and email them back to you within a few days.

Just let us know the image numbers in the form below the picture gallery.  You can find the image number either by hovering the mouse over a picture, or enlarging the picture and it will appear underneath the image.  The image number is the four digit number at the end of the file name “watermarked-Santa Paws.

For your still digital image, you can choose a classic portrait or one of our festive themes.  Please see examples below.

You can also order prints or other products using the same form.  Images will be refined for print with minor changes if required (e.g. fur staining, removing leads, etc.) Prints are produced in a professional lab using high quality Fuji paper, inks and equipment.

To order, please include the image number in the blank next to the item you want.  If you would like more than one image in the same size or product, please separate the image numbers by commas (e.g. 0024, 0423, 0101)  If you would like more than one print or product of the same image, include this in brackets after the image number (e.g. 0132 [3 copies], 0356 [5 copies], etc.)

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your choice or would like items like collages, wall art, photo books, etc. that aren’t on the form.

If you order additional items, you will receive an itemised invoice by email for you to check through and pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal.  Your order will be posted first class, usually arriving within a week to 10 days of payment.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Free postage on any orders for additional prints or products placed before Monday, 11th December.  (Postage otherwise varies from £1.00 to £8.00 depending on size and weight.)

You can also share proofs from this page for non-commercial purposes.  Please don’t alter them or remove watermarks.  More information on copyright and use can be found here.

Do get in touch if you have any questions, would like to arrange a bespoke photo session or I can help in any other way.  Thank you again for your support for Dogs Trust.