Hope you enjoy these images from the recent photo shoots at Carefree Canines.  Click on each picture to enlarge it.  Images can then be viewed in a “slide show,” using forward and back arrows to scroll through.  Find the image number by hovering the mouse over a picture or at the bottom left corner if viewing as a slide show.

Once your selection is made, the original images will be refined and optimised for website use and be presented without watermarks.  If you would like images to be cropped to a different format (e.g.  to landscape or square, to widescreen, etc.) this can be done.

After images are chosen for the website, the small watermarked digital images below will be available to Carefree Canines and its clients under a Creative Commons License, primarily for sharing on social media.   Arrangements can be discussed at a later date.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or issues you’d like to discuss or when you’ve made your selection.  Thanks!  Kim

(Pictures with a “b” at the end of the image number are suitable resolution for use within pages, but possibly not sufficient for use in full screen or wide screen.)