Charlie took first prize in the beauty contest, 25 Apr 15
Charlie wins a beauty contest!

Hello, I’m Kim, the person-behind-the-lens at Barking Cat Pet Photography.

Originally from the Midwestern US, I’ve lived in all four nations of the UK over the past 30 years – the last 6 in Musselburgh, in beautiful East Lothian.

The Barking Cat household also includes Breeze, a six year old Maine Coon cat, guinea pigs Duncan MacRodent (from North East Guinea Pig Rescue), wee Charlie Papillon, Ella Chihuahua, who joined us from Many Tears Animal Rescue, Evie – rescued from a Romanian kill shelter by Silver Fox Dog Rescue and my husband and occasional assistant (and excellent photographer in his own right), Rob.

Rob and Mal (RIP)

Having spent most of my career within the charitable sector, I recently decided to combine two of my greatest passions – animals and photography, to create Barking Cat *.

Animals have brought such joy into my life.  From gerbils to giraffes, I’ve treasured my experiences and the photos I’ve taken to remind me of them.  By capturing the unique personality of your pet, I hope you, too, can share in that delight.

* The Barking Cat is Breeze, who is dog-like in so many ways, including the sound she makes at dinner time! 🙂

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