Hope you like these pictures from your recent photo session.

Click on each to enlarge them and browse as a slide show.  You can find the image number for each picture either by hovering the mouse pointer over the picture or after clicking to enlarge it.  The image number appears at bottom left of the screen.  Ignore the word “watermarked” before the 3 digit image number.

Please complete the form below to choose the image you would like for your 8 x 10 framed print and up to 6 images to be emailed to you for use on social media, blogs, etc. (with much smaller, discreet watermarks in one corner).

You can order prints or other products using the same form.  These will be supplied without watermarks.   Please include the image number in the blank next to the product you want.  If you would like more than one image in the same size or product, please separate the image numbers by commas (e.g. 012, 079, 112)  If you would like more than one print or product of the same image, include this in brackets after the image number (e.g. 023 [3 copies), 101 [5 copies], etc.)

If you order additional prints or products, we’ll email an itemised invoice for you to check through and pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal.  Your order will be placed with a professional lab then posted to you first class, usually arriving within a week of your payment.  Postage and packing will vary depending on the size and weight of the order, but will be included in the invoice (usually about £2.)

Please click here for information about copyright.  Alternatively, please contact us directly with your enquiry.